No Matter Watt Silver

JUNE 2024  !

Hollywood Fringe Festival 2024

Broadwater Second Stage Theater

Santa Monica Boulevard

Hollywood Ca.

Fri 6/7 @ 10:30pm

Tue 6/18 @ 9:30pm 

Mon 6/24 @ 8pm

Thu 6/27 @ 5pm

Sat 6/29 @ 3:30pm


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No Matter Watt: Silver (52 Min.)

Despair and Loneliness Ameliorated with a Benevolent Force and Community

Posco has grown older. and Posco with his once so strong program of abstinence finds himself behind a relapse. Posco is in a Sea of Despair and Loneliness. He has been unable to connect with any type of Synchronicity or Hope. He was set back after much financial and prestigous Success blinded his vision of his true Success. Humility and Dreams ran away. Pride set in. 

Bumdinger has finally stopped relapsing.

Hope has moved on and eventually married Bumdinger. 

Juan Buzzon from Tucson has never truly come back from the trauma of psychosis.

Unruly Julie is now a Counselor.

Annabelle Watt the Hell is quite proud of her daughter and her Son in Law Bumdinger.

“Get up off it” Eddy Crawford is no longer working for Standing and Leaning but still looks for the shortcut.

Walpole Dan is enjoying his time on the street. Still doing what he always did to get what he always got.

Our Lady of Perpetual Disappointment has now begun to honor Shubopdubayhads memory by occaisonally cracking a smile and attempting to see the good in others. She makes herself available to help regardless of her disposition.

My name is Shubopdubayhad and I am a memory. Whenever I can get them to think of me I have permission to mess with them in different ways to let them know I’m around. To let them know there’s something else. I like to do this with Lightbulbs. Like it was done for me. The Lighbulb represents a Compendium of Positive Spiritual Principles. The Power is measured in Watts. Getting thru our Know Matter Watts can strengthen us if we let it. More importantly the lessons can be shared with others in community can provide necessary desired Hope for others… No Matter Watt. 


Song list

  1. Lonely
  2. Off the Table
  3. I Did it Again
  4. Coincidences 
  5. Goodbye Angel
  6. Dreams Run Away
  7. Waiting
  8. Not My Circus
  9. I Did it Again (Again)
  10. Goodbye Angel (Reprise)
  11. Love yourself
  12. When I think of you
  13. All that matters
  14. Possible
  15. I surrender
  16. Keep Coming Back
  17. Superman
  18. No Matter Watt