No Matter Watt is both a resource and a reassuring forum for those determined to reclaim and
recharge their lives from the distracting and depleting effects of destructive compulsive
behaviors, and for the electrifying new musical of the same name from composer Gordon
Stephen Matheson Jr. as inspired by his own experience. The stage musical will receive its live
theatrical debut at Hollywood’s Broadwater Second Stage Theater once society safely resumes.
Additionally, an album of the show’s soaring songs is currently in pre production with an
impressive cast of vocal talent, and will soon be available on most music platforms and from this

“What’s the story?” and “Why should I care?” we hear you thinking:

No Matter Watt: The Musical

The booze is gone. The drugs are gone. The girls are gone. And the money soon enough will be.

Lonely in his drab apartment, Posco Hamwich squints at a naked light bulb dangling from
above, his sole source of illumination. Suffocating, searching for who knows what, he pilots his
liability of a car to a bar, and the Chase is on to score one more hit, one more drink, one more
shot to get it right. After striking out on every level, Posco finds himself barely seated on a
bar stool next to a strange older gent named Bumdinger. He’s clearly mistaken Posco for some
savant savior who has a clue, when from out of the blue he asks him Watt is Your Message?
Confused, speechless, Posco hits the road.

But Posco, as tormented as he feels, is not alone in his troubles. Across town, a woman named
Annabelle frantically asks her single-mother addict daughter, Hope, Where Are the Kids?
begging her to get help.

Posco is just starting to realize that driving in this condition is Insanity, when he’s pulled over
by Officer Shubop. “This is Something New,” he thinks, as he’s given a (choreographed) field
sobriety test, which leads to a court-ordered 90 meetings in 90 days.

At the first assembly, Posco is amazed to find both Shubop and Bumdinger there. That’s some
strange synchronicity. The meeting also includes Annabelle, daughter Hope, and a woman
known only as Our Lady of Perpetual Disappointment. Are they all looking for answers, and can
this really be where to find them? Posco is in Rebellion, since hanging with these losers is the
last place he wants to be. Shubop and Annabelle try to calm him, asking only that he open his
heart, and Open Your Eyes. Bumdinger chimes in with what he trusts is a helpful Keep It
Simple Silly. The only KISS that interests Posco is the one he hopes to give Hope once he spots
her. Well, anything’s Possible, and that’s one reason to Keep Coming Back.

As the meeting winds down, Posco sees that not all members are unified, noting how some seem
to overly-idolize Shubopdubayhad, while Bumdinger badmouths outspoken Our Lady of
Perpetual Disappointment. It’s just all so tempting to Judge and be Intolerant.

Posco ponders what it all might mean, just staring at that light bulb, questioning And then
Watt? The next day at the next meeting, the new pupil is shocked to learn that everyone’s hero
Shubop just died. Apparently he had his own secrets. It all seems so Unfair.

At the Funeral with his fledgling friends, Posco can tell that even Our Lady of Perpetual
Disappointment is hurting when she starts in with an I Told You So. Later, alone with his
thoughts, tempted to get numb again, Posco asks for a sign. Why is there suffering, why should
he bother? Who do you ask, Watt Is Your Message? He craves a Distraction, but will he throw
away what he’s just beginning to get?

The lightbulb grows brighter, and Posco receives the sign he prayed for when Hope shows up at
his door. There are no Coincidences; God’s fingerprints are everywhere. But has he really seen
the light? Hope obviously also thinks she needs someone to Catch Me, searching for her
Superman. But Where Are the Kids?

Sincerely wanting to help, now knowing that he’s not the Center of the Universe, Posco rallies
their entire recovery family. Oh Yah, it’s an Epiphany, now it’s Clear to Me that No Matter
Watt, he is not alone.

The End